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Push Button Latches

  • CRES and Aluminum construction.
  • Ultimate Loads: 60-2000+ lbs.
  • Adjustable or Fixed Bolt Offsets for any Skin Panel /Door Combination.
  • Single or Dual Button Operation.
  • Environmental Seals and EMI Shielding Gaskets.






Hook Latches & Keepers

  • High Strength CRES construction.
  • Static Load capabilities from750-20000+Lbs.
  • Quick-Release Fastening of Load Carrying Panels or Cowlings.
  • Pre-Load with Adjustable Hook or Keeper designs.
  • Hand or Tool Operation.






Pressure Relief Latches

  • High Temperature, High Strength CRES construction.
  • Pressure Sensitive Release Loads.
  • Loads: 45+ lbs.
  • Hand or Tool Operation.
  • Adjustable or Fixed Bolt Offsets.






Shear-Pin Latches

  • Ultimate Shear Loads: 1000+ lbs.
  • Safety Lock Push Trigger.
  • Custom Slide Pin Lengths.
  • Over-Center Locking Mechanism.
  • Flush Mounting on Flat and Curved Surfaces.







  • CRES and Aluminum construction.
  • Gooseneck, Quick-Release, Piano Hinge Assemblies & Kits.
  • Single or Double Action designs.
  • Spring Loaded Open/Close and Self-Locking Mechanisms.
  • Custom Lengths or Configurations for any Panel or Door.






Flush Handles

  • CRES and Cast Aluminum construction.
  • High-Torque Performance.
  • Flush Contour to match Aircraft Door Configurations.
  • Airtight Pressure Seal by design.
  • Spring-Loaded Handle and Safety Lock Push Trigger.

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