Clamping Systems


Ho-Ho-Kus Inc. – The premier manufacturer of latches and clamps serving the aerospace, defense, and industrial sector.














T-Bolt Clamps



Fairlead Blocks

  • CRES, Aluminum, and Composite Support Channels & Spacers.
  • Ethylene Propylene, Nitrile Butadiene, PTFE and other Block Materials available.
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to +275°F or higher.
  • Resistant to Jet Fuels and HydraulicFluids







Clamping Systems

  • T-Bolt Band, Worm Gear, Saddle, Loop, Couplings, Clip Assemblies, Quick-Release.
  • High Temperature, High Strength CRES, Aluminum, and Composite construction.
  • Tested and Qualified to meet OEM or Industry Standards.








Cushioned Hinged Clamps

  • Aerospace Lightweight Hinged Clamp
  • EPDM, NBR, Fluorosilicone and various other cushions available
  • Passivated CRES per AMS2700.  Optional coatings available.

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